Dr. Aimie Recommends

Recommended Books

They Can’t Find Anything Wrong, by Dr. David Clarke
Diagnostic tests are unable to find the cause of symptoms in at least half of all medical patients, most of whom are ill because of hidden stresses. Dr. David Clarke has done pioneering work with over 7,000 of these patients, often sent to him as a last resort. In plain language he describes the major types of stress and explains steps for treatment with a range of effective techniques. Case histories that read like medical mysteries illustrate the concepts and make them easy to apply. This significant book offers real solutions to put a stop to the stress illness epidemic.

The MindBody Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain, by Dr. John Sarno
Musculoskeletal pain disorders have reached epidemic proportions in the United States, with most doctors failing to recognize their underlying cause. In this acclaimed volume, Dr. Sarno reveals how many painful conditions – including most neck and back pain, migraine, repetitive stress injuries, whiplash, and tendonitises – are rooted in repressed emotions… and shows how they can be successfully treated without drugs, physical measures, or surgery.

Think Away Your Pain: Your Brain Is the Solution to Your Pain, by Dr. David Schechter
Think Away Your Pain presents a revolutionary approach to relieve suffering and eliminate chronic pain. In this user-friendly clearly written book, you will learn how chronic pain becomes a condition of the brain as much as the body. Think Away Your Pain shows you how to use the immense power of your thoughts and beliefs to literally change the neural circuitry of your brain.

Unlearn Your Pain, by Dr. Howard Schubiner
Reversing chronic pain is possible by understanding its underlying cause. This book explains that most pain is due to learned nerve pathways. It helps you determine if you have Mind Body Syndrome and how to cure your pain with a revolutionary step-by-step process.

The Body Keeps the Score, Brain, Mind and Body In the Healing of Trauma, by Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk
Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, one of the world’s foremost experts on trauma, has spent over three decades working with survivors. In The Body Keeps the Score, he uses recent scientific advances to show how trauma literally reshapes both body and brain, compromising sufferers’ capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control, and trust. He explores innovative treatments—from neurofeedback and meditation to sports, drama, and yoga—that offer new paths to recovery by activating the brain’s natural neuroplasticity.

When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection, by Gabor Mate
Can a person literally die of loneliness? Is there such a thing as a “”cancer personality””? Drawing on scientific research and the author’s decades of experience as a practicing physician, this book provides answers to these and other important questions about the effect of the mind-body link on illness and health and the role that stress and one’s individual emotional makeup play in an array of common diseases.

In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness, by Dr. Peter Levine
In an Unspoken Voice is based on the idea that trauma is neither a disease nor a disorder, but rather an injury caused by fright, helplessness and loss that can be healed by engaging our innate capacity to self-regulate high states of arousal and intense emotions. Enriched with a coherent theoretical framework and compelling case examples, the book elegantly blends the latest findings in biology, neuroscience and body-oriented psychotherapy to show that when we bring together animal instinct and reason, we can become more whole human beings.

Healing Your Gut

The gut is “the second brain” and has a more than a million neurons that control all the functions. Gut problems are very common in children and adults with stress and trauma. The healing process starts with controlling the inflammation, then repairing the intestinal barrier, then repopulating healthy gut bacteria and flora!

Here are my recommendations for gut inflammation.

Activated Charcoal
Due to its strong negative charge, charcoal is still widely used as a detoxifying agent for the gut. You can take advantage of this and take it in smaller amounts to bind up gas and toxins. Please note, charcoal does also bind good stuff, so to be safe, don’t take it with any other medications or supplements. It also can be constipating, so keep the Magnesium on hand!

Organic Mint and Chamomile Tea
Both mint and chamomile tea have a very calming effect on the gut nervous system. It is a great way to bring down the heat when your intestines feel like they are on fire! Make hot tea or iced tea, or even flavor your drinking water with tea, you can’t go wrong by giving your gut a constant supply of calm through the tea.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 has many important functions in the body, and everybody I test these days is either very deficient or on the low side. Most importantly for the gut, it brings down the inflammation.  Unless you know your levels are very low and can check your levels twice a year, stick to the safe amount established by the Mayo Clinic of 10,000 IU daily. Eat with food that contains fat for it to get absorbed!

Turmeric seasoning or capsules
Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory for the body and for the gut. Generously use the seasoning in your food for best anti-inflammatory effect on the gut, and capsules when you just can’t take any more seasoning!

Magnesium Oxide
For those with constipation, this is a big player in inflammation and pain, and magnesium oxide is a great way to keep things moving without the negative side effects or symptoms of other types of laxatives.  Taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water at bedtime, take between 400-800 every night to maintain daily clearance of toxins and waste.

Gut Repair


Glutamine is a protein supplement that is special because it is the fuel source for the cells that form your intestinal wall.  This wall gets damaged when there is inflammation, and repairing the wall integrity through feeding the cells its main fuel source will help repair your intestines from chronic stress and trauma.

Serotonin, made from 5-HTP, is not only a brain neurotransmitter, but it also is a gut chemical!  Serotonin plays a role in many functions in the gut including secretion, motility, inflammation, and sensing pain or stretch of the GI tract.  Maintaining a good supply of Serotonin through 5-HTP is a great way to re-establish a healthy gut after chronic stress on the gut nervous system.

Repopulating The Gut

Saccharomyces Boulardii
S. Boulardii is a fungus, but the healthy fungus you want in your gut. It helps keep other fungi, like Candida, at low levels and helps maintain healthy gut bacteria. It is one of the best probiotics you can take!

A good probiotic is important to maintain healthy gut bacteria. There are many options, but you are looking for one that is similar to this one: has many different types of bacteria and even has a “pre-biotic” that feeds the good bacteria.

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