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Performance drainers, one I see all over really every country is our mold and mycotoxins. And so, mold produces mycotoxins. And, you know, a lot of people will say oh my house is brand new or, I had this leak and we took care of it. But mold behaves differently indoors than it does outdoors. And basically, when you’re bombarded with EMF, Dr Klinghardt has shown that mold will produce 600 times more mycotoxins, and with the rollout of 5g I mean we already had enough emfs on nbms.


Most species of mold you can’t see. So Aspergillus like right now, you know if you mentioned anything about altered or breathing or breath sounds. Yeah. Someone says oh you have the corona, and I’m like well, it could be the Aspergillus in your lungs.

You know, because you can’t see that one can’t smell it.

It’s common I mean, different mycotoxins like for example glio toxins will target more of the central nervous system. But one thing that all mycotoxins have in common is they will inhibit or disarm, a portion of the nervous system. And so, you know, whether you’re working with a kid with pandas or an addict.


You know, you really have to focus in on those imbalances to find success. And so with mold. It does a number of things but it decreases blood flow to your frontal lobe. And so, brain scans of patients with MS, and with mold toxicity and exposure – they’re almost indistinguishable.


Okay. Isn’t that crazy. And yet, people are not aware of the mold is not something that they usually can see or that they’re even aware of that they’re being exposed to. And yet the scans are very similar to person with multiple sclerosis that’s some serious damage to the brain and the nervous system.  I was speaking with a doctor in Virginia, and she’s certified in the Bredesen protocol, but also she knows about mold and biotoxin related issues, and she got a patient with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, and clued her into mold, and her mycotoxin levels were off the chart. Six months later, she didn’t have the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s anymore. Exactly. And so, you know, mold, depending on where you live like the humidity levels.


Levels can be off the chart for mycotoxin levels. Conversely, you can have a poorly constructed building in the middle of the desert. That needs to mold production. And so it’s all about, you know, I’ve consulted with healthy building architects.

Mechanical Engineers and, you know, there’s materials you can use now that make the home or office, much less conducive to mold growth.


But it’s a systemic problem because you have an educated labor pool, and you have contractors who are financially motivated to take shortcuts. And so it’s kind of like the analogy I give people is mercury fillings chemistry, you know if you say that it’s systemically unpleasing, you’re fine. But if you say Mercury is dangerous and you remove that fillings, they’ll take your license. And so once they admit a problem there’s going to be all these class action lawsuits and everyone knows you know in any new construction neighborhood, they might put up the framework, may not come back for three weeks. And, you know, it could have rained six times by then.  and so, you know, they are urine mycotoxin tests you can do.

It’s generally best to provoke the mycotoxins so we can get a more accurate assessment. And you can do that with things like glutathione push or Infrared Sauna session, things of that nature. As long as you’re not too toxic.


But getting over mold requires binders to excrete them. Correction of the mold at the physical level. Because if your numbers come back elevated and I say, Dr. Aimie, you know, your mycotoxins elevated. I can’t say with 100% certainty that you got that from your house, your office, the mall, the grocery store. It might have been an accumulation over time, from various sources, but you know the places where you spend the majority of your time. We want to make sure that you’re not breathing it in because people forget, you know, they want to do detox like the sauna, I love the sauna, but you’re breathing 12 to 16 times per minute.


I mean, I remember when I first started functional medicine, the stat with indoor air quality in general is five times more polluted. Now for air. Now it’s closer to 10 times. That’s why I have air doctor back there in the background.


And so, performance trainers, it also impacts the mitochondria. Right. Yep, batteries of the cell. And so, something that I’ll give a hint that I typically charge a lot of money for but, DIM released a block on NRF 2, which is a pathway of a number of chemical reactions. And that helps the mitochondria come back online, and some of your antioxidants come back online. And then also using certain nasal sprays, but 95% of sinus infections are actually related to mold. If they give you an antibiotic or steroid, mold feeds on steroids.


And a lot of people with mold, you know, get steroid shots for various reasons. And that’s just like a mean, adding fuel to the fire basically. It really does and then they they get used to the feeling of the compromise that mold has on their life and they just kind of settle with that like they just kind of be like okay well this is, this is my brain right like I have a hard time remembering things I have a hard time focusing at work I have a hard time with this, and they just kind of settle with that, not realizing that no like there’s actually a lot that can be done if we can find that you’ve got these mold exposures. Yeah, I mean, I tell people, give me anyone who’s a Mensa member. I’ll inject them with mycotoxins, polysaccharides, some interleukin six, TNF alpha, we’ll toss in some interleukin one beta for good measure. We’ll see how your brain does.


That’s our modern life in the US. Yeah, like all of that between our diet between the air we breathe between the mold and the buildings, between our autonomic nervous system in sympathetic like that is everything that’s happening in your biology. Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, people just don’t realize it but you can’t find what you don’t look for. There is an app and I don’t know the name of it. I’ve only come across it once, but an electrical engineer, developed an app that will convert EMF waves, and the sound waves, so you can hear it. And I found that that was you know a lot more powerful for people because you know no matter how many studies I show them how many articles that show them, you know if they can hear it, they’re like, whoa, Oh, okay. I guess it doesn’t exist.


Most scientists are pretty busy last night check you know they’re not, there’s not gonna be a gathering of several 100 scientists, taking a stance on EMF, just because they didn’t know what to do on a Saturday. Right. Meaning, again it’s this objective type of data that is really helpful for those of us who want to enhance our performance, want to optimize and live in that you know, our best, personal health. And so it’s really helpful to have these objective data of, this is the EMF that’s present, like, this is the mycotoxins in your system. We can actually measure that and here’s your data. Right. I mean if you know we went to the hospital nearest you and went to the oncology department, and we did provocated urine mycotoxin test, guaranteed 99% of them are going to have elevated micro toxins. You clear that up and they’ll say “oh was the chemo”.

But the chemo is gonna help with those micro toxins too right? Exactly definitely helps with so many things, especially mitochondrial function. Have you started my chemo?

We’re a bit late in the day right? We need that, we need that chemo for mitochondria and energy. There are a lot of companies out there and looking to take advantage of people in terms of remediating their mold. I tell people the worst thing you can do is have them remediated with whatever substance, and then you don’t make the appropriate changes to your humidity levels, structural changes.

You’re going to be mad at yourself that you spent all that money.


But there is a product called EM 2, I believe, and it is a biodegradable enzyme. So it basically is like a Pac Man for the mycotoxins, and that’s better than ozone, because what I found was that when you kill mold it’s going to release dead mycotoxins, and they’re still immunogenic. Right, so, you know, it’s important to distinguish them or, you know, the appropriate way to get rid of the mold, but keeping you know, the mold away is keeping the humidity level 50% or below.


You know, Air Doctor, depending on the size of your office or house. I think Air Doctor covers 1000 square feet, I’m not positive, but, you know, you want to make sure you keep the way at bay. Once you’ve gotten rid of it. And there are different compounded prescriptions. I won’t mention for fear of having them taken away, but that can also help with mycotoxins.

And like I said, the nasal sprays because of the nasal compensation. Yep. Good. And so those are the two top two performance drainers, you know, I’ll let you jump in there.

Well, and it strikes me just how these two really so much affects the brain and the nervous system because that’s really what drives the rest of our system right, a lot of people may present with digestive system issues, but then when we actually look at what’s driving those issues, it’s still the nervous system. And that’s the one where we’re going to find the exposure to the mycotoxins or other toxins and they’re not getting that release, they’re not having good enough bowel movements to release the toxins they’re not doing the sauna and so like these, these are all issues that that are fueling the actual symptom that a person may have ,and so they may come in thinking that they have one problem right and think that this is my problem for that’s really affecting my performance, and yet we spin it we’re like, well here’s the data like this is actually what’s fueling what’s driving all of those symptoms.