My Story

What is your story?  Many of us may not even know the full scope of our life story, but our bodies and health give us clues.  Symptoms and illnesses that become chronic, that the current medical system is not able to provide answers or healing for can be the clues our bodies give of our story.

My story starts with the traditional medical training at Loma Linda University and 4 years general General Surgery training at Oregon State Health Sciences University in Portland, OR.

My life was dramatically affected by Miguel, a 4 year old boy I adopted from the foster care system while during medical school who had experienced neglect, abuse, and instability since he was born.  He ultimately challenged every aspect of my way of thinking, my medical training, even my spiritual beliefs.  

The result has been an experiential learning of trauma, neurobiology, attachment disorders, stress and inflammatory illnesses, and addictions.  The result has also been a personal quest to find the underlying cause and heal myself from fatigue, depression, and high levels of autoimmune antibodies that the specialists had no answers for except an anti-depressant to manage symptoms.  

Through my own journey, training and now helping others on their journey, my understanding of what it takes to help the mind and body after the effects of stress and trauma has expanded to beyond what conventional medicine offers. Science and the experience of others are now confirming that even the most challenging of cases can achieve a better level of health.  

There is hope, and you can experience improved health and wholeness too.  

Is This A Good Fit For You?

If you are ready to take ownership of your health, be empowered with knowledge and tools to make changes and get results in your physical, mental and emotional health, then you will find value in these programs. There are different levels of the programs available to you. You can enroll in a self-paced program providing you knowledge and tools or you can go through a program with a trauma health coach for additional accountability, support and guidance. For those who want to get results faster, you can travel and attend a 3-day retreat and get hands on support and guidance along with additional services including IV therapies and lab work.

Whichever level you decide is right for you at this time, these programs are about giving you the knowledge and tools to take ownership of your health and take it to the next level.

Trauma, Attachment, and Addiction Specialist

Dr. Aimie’s Education & Credentials:

Doctorate in Medicine, MD, Loma Linda University, 2010

Board-Eligible Addiction Medicine, 2020

NeuroAffective Touch Student under Dr. Aline LaPierre, 2020

Preventive Medicine Board Certified, 2020

Masters in Biochemistry, 2008

Masters in Public Health, 2012

Certified in Functional Addiction Nutrition

Walsh Research Institute – Certified in Targeted Nutritional Treatment for Mental Health

Certified in Neuro-Autoimmunity Course by Kharrazian Institute

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Certified in Art Narrative Trauma Therapy Model: Instinctual Trauma Response Model

Certified Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy Practitioner (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Trainings)

Aimie’s Experience:

Founder of Family Challenge Camps: Family Camps for Children and Adults with Trauma, Attachment, and Trust Issues 

Foster and Adoptive Parent