Feel Your Best, Do Your Best

I came into the attachment and trauma field in 2008, unprepared and misinformed when I adopted my foster son. The experience nearly broke me! Inspired by this struggle, I threw myself into understanding and finding solutions. I’ve learned that stress, trauma and attachment issues are a silent root cause of much of unrealized health and potential, and I want to share how being intentional and targeted in our approach to optimizing any compromises in our biology not only helps our bodies rewire stress and survival responses, but allows us to feel our best and do our best.

Trauma Healing Accelerated

Access my free roadmap on accelerating the journey to optimal health after trauma

Intentional Parenting for Attachment Program

an online program for parents to build connection and security in their child

Shift To Calm Aliveness

7-Day Experiential Journey Through Somatic Experiencing

Bio-Optimize Summit

airing October 2020

Bio-Optimize Concierge Practice

A California-based medical practice.

NAD Treatment Center

NAD therapy for California residents

What Is It Like To Work With Dr. Aimie

Attachment Trauma Is Your Biology… Not Just Psychology

The Nervous System
The Nervous System