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Relational trauma occurs when the attachment with a primary care-giver is emotionally inadequate, and has many negative effects on a developing brain and body.  Adults who have chronic stressful environment or a traumatic experience can experience disruptions in the nervous system, brain, body, and the communication systems between each.

After assessment of the severity of stress and trauma, we correct all the layers of biochemical imbalance to restore healthy connection. Restoring health after trauma involves ongoing assessments and focuses on restoring full healthy function to a brain and body stuck in trauma mode.

Initial Evaluation

Assessment of the effects of Trauma and Stress on the Health of the Blood-Brain Barrier, Nervous System, Gut-Brain Axis, Digestive System, Intestinal Sensitivity and Permeability, and Chemical Sensitivity, Immune System, Hormones, Thyroid Gland and Adrenal Function

Neurobiology Assessment

Neurotransmitter Assessment

Autonomic Nervous System Assessment

Assessment for Heavy Metal

High Risk Children from Certain Areas of the World may need an assessment of parasites, worms, and toxins

Assessment for Depression

Assessment for Anxiety

Assessment for Attachment Disorder

Assessment for PTSD and Need for Trauma Therapy