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Trauma is the result of any situation that is perceived as threatening to your survival and becomes overwhelming in your attempt to survive.

Trauma can be a result of physical and sexual abuse, but emotional and psychological threats to our survival can have just as many lasting effects on our system.

The most common situations resulting in a trauma response are from childhood, military experiences, and car accidents.

Our system is naturally built to repair and recover from trauma, bringing us back to homeostasis, or a state of balance and health.

if we find ourselves still living under the impact of past traumas, our system has not had what it needs to heal naturally.

There are many biological causes that can cause a system to get stuck in the trauma and not be able to complete the repair process.

The good news is these biological causes can be identified and fixed!

Talk therapy will never fix biology, and your biology determines your psychology.

Dr. Aimie utilizes two modalities for treating PTSD whether from childhood trauma or adult experiences. These two modalities are functional medicine and Instinctual Trauma Response Model.

Functional Medicine is an approach to find the underlying biological imbalances causing your system to be stuck in its repair attempt. Blood, urine and genetic tests are done to know exactly what is wrong and where to target intervention for the most response.

Instinctual Trauma Response Model (ITRM) combined with Family Systems Parts Work is a dual-brain neurobiological model for trauma therapy that access the parts of our brain that are stuck in the trauma response.

This is done through story narrative and art drawings in a way that is not re-traumatizing.

This allows our brain to complete its repair cycle of the trauma and the memories and triggers are no longer reactive but get put in their proper place in long-term memory.

Parts Work allows re-integration of the brain and body that get disconnected and dissociated in a trauma response.

There is hope and healing!