Prescription Medications

Both pain killers and relaxants have addictive potential. After taking narcotics for an injury or procedure, it is common to feel awful and get sick when the prescription runs out.

This is the story of many, and unfortunately has led to desperation to get the medications needed now to just function and feel normal.

Unfortunately, this has caused many a lot of shame thinking it is a lack of willpower, that they just aren’t strong enough.


In addressing dependence on prescription medications, we balance the brain chemistry again and also address the systems in the body that have been affected by long-term medication dependence.

We now understand that imbalances in brain chemistry set up a brain to respond this way to pain killers or relaxants; this was a sign of an imbalance already present.

Prescription narcotics and relaxants affect the intestines, hormones, immune system, the liver, adrenal gland and the stress-response system.

By addressing these systems, we reduce the brain and body’s desire and need for the medication, and greatly reduce the chances of relapse later in life.