The degree of opiate dependence and unstable brain chemistry that occurs with heroin use requires that recovery be intentional and taken seriously.

Correction and stabilization of brain chemistry, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can take some time, but if done right, result in better mood and mental health than before heroin use.


Wide and frequent fluctuations with daily heroin use not only affect brain chemistry, but has widespread effects on the body.

We stabilize the brain chemistry through medication, vitamins, therapy, meditation, diet and exercise to remove the need for continued use and to ease withdrawals, and then adjustments are made to the medication and lifestyle prescription as the brain and body repair to achieve maximal healing and regain full physical and mental health.

Our treatment includes Buprenorphine/Suboxone maintenance, short-term medications for symptom management, vitamins, supplements, and IV therapy, giving you a safe and efficient path to full healing and withdrawal management.