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Let’s face the difficult reality – Studies have clearly shown that traditional addiction treatment doesn’t work for most people.

It’s time we take a different approach, and put on a different lens. Let’s redefine addiction.

An “addict” is a good person who found an addictive substance helped them feel or perform better. They have never been able to feel completely well without it since. Despite negative effects, in someway, it is compensating for some biological deficiency.

Despite many attempts to quit, even therapy and willpower have been unable to help completely overcome the withdrawals and cravings, and now there is shame and hopelessness on top of the problem.

Many programs will tell you that you have an incurable disease called addiction, and you are taught ways to manage it for the rest of your life.

Our goal here is to truly heal your dependency and addiction, not just manage it for the rest of our life.

Functional Addiction Medicine With Dr. Aimie


Is healing this dependency and addiction even possible?

Yes! People from all walks of life and all types of substance addictions have been healed with the right treatment.

Addiction is a curable disease of the brain and body. You just need to know where to look for the answers. Together, we embark on that journey.

Traditional types of treatment have 10-30% long-term success rate after one year. Your chances of success on your own with no treatment are ~20%. Adding a biochemical approach results in 83% success rate.

“The recovery process is frequently described as the restoration of body, mind and spirit. The problem is that many programs have focused only on the latter two and have ignored the “body” component of recovery. Addictions are physical substances causing physical changes to a physical organ, the brain. So how do we conventionally treat them? With group therapy and spiritual counseling. Doesn’t make sense, does it?” – Dr. Charles Gant

What Can You Expect?

Dr. Aimie works with you to understand your unique biology, the imbalances that led to a substance dependency, and then develop an individualized treatment plan based on your unique biology. In this approach, the factors that led to responding to the substance use and how the substance has affected your brain and body’s biology will be addressed and treated.

How do we know the right treatment? Together, we will:

  • Look for the underlying imbalance in the body and brain’s physiology that caused the dependency in the first place—then fix that
  • Do laboratory testing including urine, blood and saliva to find your specific imbalances
  • Analyze your genetics looking at detoxification system, methylation, metabolism, and brain receptors
  • Look at your nervous system through heart rate variability to determine the role of trauma and stress on the addiction process
  • Assess your brain chemistry, nutrition, and environmental exposures
  • Ask probing questions, like “Why did my body and brain respond the way it did to that substance?” and “What is my brain chemistry like on and off the substance?”

If you are done with the shame of an addiction, I encourage you to come talk with me.

Together, we will find and treat the biochemical imbalances that started everything in the first place. Many have achieved a happy and addiction-free life, full of meaning and purpose!

Will you be next?

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