Working With a Child With Attachment Disorder: Role of Trauma Therapy

Before we get to the role of trauma therapy for children with attachment disorder, let’s look at your current situation. As a parent, teacher, or caregiver of a child with attachment issues, the questions that always linger in the back of our minds are: what will help this child heal? How can I help them heal? …

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Working with Children with Attachment Disorder: The Bonding Process

Bonding Happens in the First Year of Life The first stage that an infant will reach in emotional development is forming trust and attachment. In a healthy environment, an infant will naturally develop basic trust in their caregivers so that by 12 months of age, they have a secure attachment and are ready to start…

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Working with Children with Attachment Disorder: Frequently Asked Questions

What can I honestly expect when working with my child with attachment disorder? These are questions every parent grapples with when trying to understand a child’s diagnoses, issues, and symptoms: What does the future look like for my child? For me? Will they always have these limitations? Let me reassure you that these questions are normal, therefore,…

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Treating Attachment Disorder in Adults

What is attachment disorder in adults and how do you treat it? Let me start with these questions. Do you struggle with relationships, intimacy, or being able to express how you really feel? Do you have life and relationship patterns that leave you emotionally distant, isolated, or alone? Do you find yourself jumping into relationships…

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Working With Children With Attachment Disorder

So, you have or know a child with attachment disorder!  At the root of every child with attachment disorder is interpersonal or relational trauma in early childhood. If you are the parent, my heart goes out to you as I know how difficult it can be to live with the reactive emotions and the behavioral…

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GABA: My New Favorite Brain Health Supplement

GABA has become my new favorite brain health supplement because across a wide range of people and symptoms, it has changed their life dramatically and immediately. A GABA supplement has meant the first night of restful sleep for some, and complete freedom from addictive prescription medications for others.  It has been helpful in managing anxiety, chronic pain,…

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