Healing The Nervous System With Stretch And Yoga

One of the key features and core imbalances in children who have Attachment Disorder is a nervous system dysregulation. This causes qualities in these children such as, hypervigilant, difficult emotional regulation, and heightened sensitivity, which can easily be identified by parents and professionals who work with children who have Attachment Disorder. Because the nervous system…

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Attachment-Disorder-as -a-Curable-Disease

Attachment Disorder As A (Curable) Disease

Working with children who have Attachment Disorder can be confusing and exhausting given the child’s unpredictability and loss of control. In this blog post we are going to look at how Attachment Disorder is a disease of the brain and nervous system, as well as understand that the unpredictability and loss of control are a…

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Emotionally Stuck in Infancy

While working with children who have Attachment Disorder, we can learn to see how they are emotionally reactive. Within this blog, we will be exploring how children who have insecure attachments and attachment disorders are actually stuck in the infant stage of emotional and social development. What is the difference between children who have secure…

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When To Use Attachment Or Trauma Parenting

When should you use attachment parenting or trauma parenting? There are many tools that can benefit a caregiver when they are working with and healing children who have Trauma and Attachment Disorders. One of the tools that can help heal a child with trauma and attachment disorders is the parenting style. While working with children…

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How-ACE’s-Manifests in-Child-Attachment-Disorder

How ACE’s Manifests in Child Attachment Disorder

Often times a discussion about children with attachment disorder eventually leads to the idea of ACE’s, or Adverse Childhood Experiences. Here we will determine why ACE’s are not a useful tool for predicting if a child has an attachment disorder, but how information from the ACE studies can be helpful when working with a child…

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Working with Children with Attachment Disorder: Regulation Theory

What is regulation theory? Since frequent emotional regulation is often brought up when discussing the issue of children who have attachment disorder, in this post we will be looking at regulation theory, its relationship with attachment disorder, and finally we will apply practical use of regulation theory to children with attachment disorder! Emotional regulation refers…

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Peter Levine and Healing Trauma with Somatic Experiencing

Can Somatic Experiencing be used to help heal a child with attachment disorder? What if my child was adopted at birth and there was no other trauma, but they still seem to have attachment issues? Can Somatic Experiencing be helpful for any child with attachment disorder and relational trauma, even if there are no other times of…

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Two Lessons to Be a Parent Who Can Heal Their Child

Healing a child with attachment disorder requires very intentional effort on the parents and caregivers. This is not something that will happen by itself over time. The great thing is that parents can easily learn how to create a safe environment for children with attachment disorder, which in turn, would facilitate healing for their child! Parents…

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Where to Start In Healing a Child With Attachment Disorder

How to Know Where to Start In Healing a Child With Attachment Disorder

How do you know where to start healing a child with attachment disorder? Well children with attachment disorder are usually diagnosed because of their behaviors, which are an outflow of their strong internal negative reaction to trust and dependency. The behaviors of a child with attachment disorder are all self-protective and had served the child…

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Handling Anger and Violence

Working With Children With Attachment Disorder: Handling Anger and Violence

Anger and violence are the most common behavior disorders that children deal with when they have attachment disorder. It is also anger and violence that tends to convince parents to bring their children in for evaluation and therapy. While there are many other manifestations of children with attachment disorder, anger and violence becomes the most disruptive,…

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