Healing Attachment Disorder: Repairing the Digestive Tract from Emotional Trauma

When healing yourself or a child from an insecure attachment style or from an Attachment Disorder, the effects of the trauma on the brain and body need to be considered. By repairing those effects along the way, the healing process goes faster as the body gains more resources that will help that the individual to…

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Children with Trauma and Attachment Disorders: Managing Sleep – Part Two

Bedtime and sleep are consistently two of the most difficult issues for parents to manage when working with children who have trauma and attachment disorders. This is part two on the topic of managing sleep, while providing both the rationale and effective ways to help you and your child get through and past these tough…

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Children With Trauma and Attachment Disorder: How to Manage Sleep Problems

How many of us have had bedtime become a big problem with our child who has trauma or Attachment Disorder? Even among adults, the number of individuals suffering with insomnia is rising, and we ourselves, may be struggling with good sleep. I know I was.   After all, how could I sleep when my son…

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Attachment Trauma, ACE’s and Gut Bacteria – Which Probiotics to Use

While Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) are a major risk factor for later physical and mental diseases, attachment trauma is the major silent ACE. It isn’t directly assessed when calculating one’s ACE score, which makes it a silent ACE. However, due to the early nature of this silent ACE, it sets the course for a trauma…

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Applying the Neuroscience of Safety

Any individual with an insecure attachment style or Attachment Disorder needs a sense of safety in order to heal. In this article, we are going to apply the neuroscience of safety as it relates to working and healing a child with Attachment Disorder. This neuroscience has many other applications as well, and parents who feel…

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Using Music Therapy to Promote Brain Healing, Regulation, and Attachment

Music is a secret weapon when working with the brain and body! When it is used in the right way at the right time, music can be a powerful tool in the hands of an attachment parent! Music can be used in healing individuals with Attachment Disorder, autonomic dysregulation, and other disorders involving the brain…

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When The Home Becomes A Trauma Zone For Mom

What would you do if you were in a desperate place as a mother with a child who has Attachment Disorder? What if you had no support? What if other people didn’t see what you were experiencing from your child and therefore didn’t believe what was happening? What if, as the parent, you are being…

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The Beginning Of A Trauma Body

Attachment trauma shares a feature common to other forms of trauma and adverse childhood experiences: the development of a trauma body. Whether children or adults with insecure attachment or attachment disorder, a trauma body is a part of the package that needs to be understood.   What is a trauma body? A trauma body is…

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Stuck Survival Responses in Attachment Trauma

As parents and professionals working with children and adults with Attachment Disorder, we work with stuck survival responses all day long! One of the features of a stuck survival response is the lack of conscious planned action as the immediate reaction to a situation. This response is one that is wired into the system; it has…

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The Role of Methylation in Attachment Disorder

As parents and professionals, we are always looking for ways to make the healing process faster when working with children with Attachment Disorder.  In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most important correctable factors that could be contributing to slower healing in children with attachment disorder.   There is always…

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