Help Me Sleep! The Keys to a Better Sleep When Healing From Trauma Part 1

When we’re talking about healing the brain and body from chronic stress and trauma, one of the key factors is restful sleep. However, for those who have a history of trauma, sleep is one of the first things that becomes disrupted!   The brain and body do all of its recovery work during sleep. Sleep…

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8 Christmas Gifts for Healing From Chronic Stress and Trauma

Why not buy yourself or your family member a Christmas gift that will help the brain and body in its attempts to heal from stress and trauma? The benefits to this will be that you’ll have a much better year in 2018! Even if the gift is for a family member who is healing from…

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How To Get Through the Holidays Without More Trauma On The Body

We’re through Thanksgiving and have Christmas on the way. How are you handling the holiday season so far? How is your family handling the holiday season? Did anything come up for you before or after Thanksgiving?   What had you wanted to happen this Thanksgiving? What was your emotional response to it not being what…

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The Traumatizing Effects of the Media

When you have committed yourself to healing from trauma, PTSD, or are trying to improve your nervous system’s resiliency, you’re going to have to get smart about what you allow your mind and body to be exposed to. It’s possible to live in state of being unaware of the effects your environment have on your…

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Navigating Communication in Relationships After Trauma

How one communicates with others is a pretty good indicator of the lingering effects of trauma in someone’s life. Because of the trauma history, navigating communication within relationships can be very challenging. In general, navigating relationships is difficult for those who have histories of trauma, especially those with early childhood relational trauma due to the…

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Living With the Effects of Trauma

Trauma is everywhere and most people don’t realize they’re living with the effects of trauma. By understanding the various effects of trauma and how it looks, we can more easily identify trauma in ourselves and others.   With this awareness of trauma, we’re then empowered to do something about it, rather than continue to react…

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The Trauma History Personality: “I Need to Warn You, I’m Crazy”

Have you ever said, or thought of saying to someone, “I need to warn you, I’m crazy?” It’s common among people who have histories of trauma to have a perception of themselves as being crazy. This sense of an individual seeing themselves as crazy doesn’t mean they feel that they should be in a mental…

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Healing Trauma Through Relationship: Attunement Is Not Codependency

Trauma needs to be healed in relationships, because that healthy relationship will help to repair the disruption in connection that occurs during a traumatic event. Attunement is the key ingredient in such a therapeutic relationship, because healing cannot occur without an attuning presence. Just as important as it is to understand attunement, it is also…

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Healing Trauma Through Relationships: The Necessity of Attunement

Trauma can be healed, and attunement is one of the foundational qualities necessary within a relationship, which will make it a therapeutic relationship. Attunement is a requirement for healing anyone with a history of attachment trauma, and thus a key skill for any therapeutic parent or provider. All trauma results in a disruption of relationships…

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Early Childhood Attachment Trauma and Recovery is Biological

Events that are overwhelming to a person’s ability to cope become traumatic events and can leave lasting changes in one’s biology. This is especially true in the case of early childhood and attachment trauma, because its recovery can be more biological than psychological.   The effects of trauma are mostly thought of as being psychological,…

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