Alcohol dependency comes in all forms and degrees that requires a very individualized plan.

Rather than treating everyone the same, we identify both the underlying cause of the alcohol dependency and the imbalances it has caused in other systems and organs of the body.

There are four different biological types of alcoholism, and nearly every system in the body can be negatively affected after years of compensation, stealing nutrients from other organs to try to negate the effects of alcoholism.


By correcting both the underlying biological imbalance and the systemic effects that led to and have perpetuated the alcohol cravings and dependence, the psychological, social, and spiritual components of the disease can be addressed in their proper balance.

By identifying and treating the underlying biology and depression, you can live well, not just live sober.

Do you drink more than what you intend to?
Have you experienced a loss of control of your drinking?
Do you continue to drink despite negative financial, health, or legal consequences?
Do you find you have to drink more to feel the same effects?

Identify Your Biological Type of Alcoholism Now