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My Story


What is your story?  Many of us may not even know the full scope of our life story, but our bodies and health give us clues.  Symptoms and illnesses that become chronic, that the current medical system is not able to provide answers or healing for can be the clues our bodies give of our story.

My story starts with the traditional medical training at Loma Linda University and 4 years general General Surgery training at Oregon State Health Sciences University in Portland, OR.

My life was dramatically affected by Miguel, a 4 year old boy I adopted from the foster care system while during medical school who had experienced neglect, abuse, and instability since he was born.  He ultimately challenged every aspect of my way of thinking, my medical training, even my spiritual beliefs.  

The result has been an experiential learning of trauma, neurobiology, attachment disorders, stress and inflammatory illnesses, and addictions.  The result has also been a personal quest to find the underlying cause and heal myself from fatigue, depression, and high levels of autoimmune antibodies that the specialists had no answers for except an anti-depressant to manage symptoms.  

Through my own journey and helping others through theirs, my understanding of what it takes to heal trauma and the effects of stress on the brain and body has expanded to beyond what conventional medicine offers. Science and the experience of others are now confirming that even the most challenging of cases can heal.  

There is hope, and you can experience healing and wholeness too.  

Is This A Good Fit For You?

How do you know if this is a good fit for you?  The current medical system asks the question “What?” – what do you have?  The answer to that questions then determines which medication they will prescribe to manage what you have.  

In my practice, your diagnosis is just the starting point.  Together, we ask “Why?”  

This allows us to not only get to the underlying imbalance causing the symptoms or disease, but also allows us to correct that imbalance and allow the body to heal the downstream effects of that imbalance.  The goal we works towards is you living the life to which you were called, with purpose and vitality, without the dependency on long-term medication.  Medication can be helpful in the short-term while we go through the process of uncovering the reasons why your brain and body have not able to restore themselves to balance and health.  

We do laboratory studies and thorough assessments of brain and nervous system physiology, and then personalize your prescription and treatment plan that includes nutrition, exercise, and specific rehabilitative activities.   Often we find the underlying imbalances are at the level of the DNA, gut, and autonomic nervous system.  We make adjustments as the study results arrive, until you are living your full potential in mental and physical health with little to no medication.  

While much of our current medical system fails patients living with the effects of trauma and stress, we move forward with hope based on sound evidence and the experience of others that healing is possible. Often this process is best taken as a whole family, especially adoptive families or where there are stressful family dynamics.  It might just save your health, your family and your marriage.  

I would love to be your doctor and help you and your family live at your highest potential for health and vitality! Want to get started? Schedule a consultation and we can start making immediate progress.

Trauma, Attachment, and Addiction Specialist

Dr. Aimie’s Education & Credentials:

Doctorate in Medicine, MD, Loma Linda University, 2010

Preventive Medicine Board Certified, 2017 Candidate

Masters in Biochemistry

Masters in Public Health

Certified in Functional Addiction Nutrition

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Certified in Trauma Therapy Model: Instinctual Trauma Response Model

Aimie’s Experience:

Founder of Family Challenge Camps: Family Camps for Children and Adults with Trauma, Attachment, and Trust Issues 

Foster and Adoptive Parent